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A plasticotek at the ADAM

A plasticotek at the ADAM
A plasticotek at the ADAM

The ADAM, that unique place in Brussels dedicated to the design of the 20th century, is celebrating its second anniversary. To celebrate the event in style, the 13th of December saw the unveiling of a new space devoted to education and the discovery of plastics: the Plasticotek

Two years ago, the Art and Design Atomium Museum, better known under the acronym ADAM, was inaugurated in Brussels, near the famous Atomium. The new temple of contemporary design, it hosts unique and original temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Above all, it is home to the world's largest collection of plastic objects, the Plasticarium: over 2,000 items ranging from functional objects to works of art, recounting the history of plastics from the 1960s through to the year 2000. A dive into our collective memory!  

All that this 1,500m² building was missing was an educational space for all ages - children, schoolchildren and adults, providing access to more information on plastics and their history. The Plasticotek will fulfill this role by enabling visitors to touch the plastics on display in the permanent exhibition, and thus gain a better understanding of their technical properties and scientific origins. Located in the LAB, the Plasticotek will give visitors the opportunity to understand the collection's objects in a fun and interactive way, enabling them to touch and handle copies of objects, samples of the different plastics used to create the furniture and objects on display, and understand the greater family of plastics through films and information sheets. In short, an informative, historical, sensory and fun experience through which to discover the fabulous history of these objects of everyday life.

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