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A violin called 3D Varius

A violin called 3D Varius
A violin called 3D Varius

From the mind of a young French musician comes the 3D Varius, the world's first 3D-printed electric violin that should arrive on the market by year-end.
This odd-looking futuristic violin was designed by Laurent Bernadac, a musician who studied at the Conservatoire in Béziers, with a degree in energy and mechanical engineering from the INSA.

"The 3DVarius is made from transparent epoxy resin, a highly malleable and lightweight material. The violin is made from a single part, to optimise the propagation of sound waves. I also fitted four high-end sound sensors, one under each string. Electric violins usually only have a single sensor", said Laurent Bernadac.
Make no mistake, the 3D Varius is a high-end electric violin! Creating it was a long and arduous process: three years of development, two prototypes (one in aluminium, which was not malleable enough, and one in PVC, which was too heavy) and € 10,000 spent.

"The 3Dvarius is a new electric violin made entirely using 3D printing technology, based on a genuine Stradivarius. It is a unique violin, with a revolutionary design, intended for the most demanding violinists."
The first violin was printed in March and was an instant success: thanks to a few videos posted in early August, Laurent Bernadac, who had not intended to sell the instrument, has since received around one hundred pre-orders, which he should be able to fulfil thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

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