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An airbag for cyclists!

An airbag for cyclists!
An airbag for cyclists!

It looks like a neck warmer, but this accessory's main purpose is ensuring cyclists' safety while providing them with a cool urban chic look. It is ergonomic, comfortable and lets you feel the wind in your hair as you cycle!

10 years ago, Swedish design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created their company called Hövding Sweden AB Mälmo. It all started with a simple observation: cyclists do not wear helmets, most of the time for aesthetic reasons. They therefore developed a new airbag protection system for cyclists.

A true revolution for cyclists who are on the road every day, this polyamide cycling airbag instantaneously and faultlessly inflates in the event of a fall. Thanks to advanced technology and several sensors that required years of development, the cycling airbag manufactured by the Swedish company Hövding inflates within a tenth of a second, at the first sign of unusual behaviour.

The actual technology used in the airbag is developed by Volvo (precursor of passive automotive security), integrated and adapted to the cyclist's requirements in a collar entirely manufactured in Sweden.
Upon activation, the airbag envelops the head and the neck, like a hood, in a fraction of a second. Thanks to a helium-based inflation system, the head does not hit the ground or any other obstacle: it is one of the best cycling protection-systems on the market.
With an autonomy of 10 hours, it can be easily recharged using a USB cable and is activated using a small button located on the front of the collar. It must be noted, however, that like a helmet, it must be replaced after a collision.

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