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Bio Robot Refrigerator, a really cool invention

Bio Robot Refrigerator, a really cool invention
Bio Robot Refrigerator, a really cool invention

You could call it a revolutionary invention: a refrigerator using a polymer gel. No doors, just a soft surface into which you can push foods, which are then encapsulated completely apart from each other and do not give off any smells and he food is cooled to its ideal temperature for preservation.

But how does it work? The polymer gel contains biomechanical robots which absorb heat-producing infrared rays and convert them into cold light (luminescence). UV and air, which cause food to go bad, are blocked.

There are many advantages to this avant-garde technology, and they are far from trivial: no energy consumption, no motor noise, no smells, enormous gains in space, a 90% useful storage surface and very easy to use (food is visible, easy to put in and take out). Much lighter and much less cumbersome than a traditional refrigerator, it can be installed anywhere, vertically or horizontally.

The Bio Robot Refrigerator is a futuristic invention from Russian Yuriy Dmitriev, straight from the Electrolux Design Lab.

Like every year, since 2003, the aim of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition is to present innovative and well-designed household appliances for a future (2050) when space in homes is more and more limited, without compromising comfort.

Our super “Bio Robot Refrigerator” won second prize in the competition.

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Now we just have to wait for 2050!!

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