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Clippable shoes for horses

Clippable shoes for horses
Clippable shoes for horses

After spending 20 years under development, the Megasus Horserunners have finally arrived. This ingenious system, designed to replace horseshoes, uses neither nails nor iron.

The Megasus Horserunners were created by an Austrian start-up who decided to take matters into their own hands after hearing about the high rate of mortality among horses as a result of leg and hoof problems.  With this in mind, Charly, the project's initiator, and his team set about developing a type of runner that was less aggressive than the traditional horseshoe and which was more respectful of the animal's health. The concept behind the futuristic-looking removable and adjustable horse sandals is simple: they comprise a self-adhesive grip placed directly on the horse's hoof, onto which the sandals' clips can be fastened. When the shoes are no longer needed, for instance when the horse is in the field or in the box, the sandals can be unclipped in just a few seconds and the velcro can be covered with the appropriate protection. This new patented system made from soft and flexible polymers does not place any stress on the horse's hooves and promotes healthy growth of the hooves.

HorseRunners are available in several sizes and have an estimated lifespan of three to six months. They were launched in August 2017 following an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign!

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