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DrinkPure : a magical water filter

DrinkPure : a magical water filter
DrinkPure : a magical water filter

A 24 year old student from Switzerland has unveiled his invention, christened DrinkPure; it is a cap that can be screwed on to any bottle and that is able to filter the most unsafe waters and make them drinkable.
DrinkPure's water purification system works in three steps. The dirty water first passes through a pre-filter that removes dirt and debris. The water then passes through a layer of activated carbon that filters out chemicals, metals and odours. And finally, the last layer, a polymer membrane, filters out bacteria and makes the water entirely drinkable.

When Jeremy Nussbaumer designed DrinkPure, his primary goal was to contribute to the development of the world's most troubled areas. He came up with the idea of a reliable and very cheap piece of equipment that could fit onto any plastic bottle throughout the world. DrinkPure is easy to assemble and requires no training for operating and cleaning the device; this means that costs are lowered and that the DrinkPure will also be able to be manufactured locally in the future.
The student called on the donors of the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to start up his project. He intends to send a first batch of DrinkPure filters to the remotest regions of Africa in January 2015.

Over 780 million people throughout the world do not have access to clean drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, and over three million people die from water-borne diseases every year.

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