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Firevase: remove flowers, put out fires

In order to raise awareness about the importance of having a fire extinguisher at home, Korean giant Samsung’s insurance company created the Firevase, a flower vase that can also be used as a throwable fire extinguisher.
Firevase: remove flowers, put out fires
Firevase: remove flowers, put out fires

South Korea is one of the countries most affected by this scourge with over 10,000 domestic fires each year, despite a law enacted in 2017 requiring all households to have a fire extinguisher. However, to date, 58% of households still do not have a fire extinguisher, and only 22% of those that own one know how to use it.

Because they are bulky and unattractive, fire extinguishers once bought are often put away or even buried in inaccessible places where they are out of reach and quickly forgotten.

An aesthetically-pleasing and attractive fire extinguisher

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and the Cheil Worldwide agency came up with the idea of examining the problem in a different way and designed an aesthetically-pleasing and attractive fire extinguisher to make people actually want to own one. And what could be more decorative and common in a living room than a vase?

The firevase is a PVC vase fitted with a water tank ready to hold the most beautiful flowers. Its secret? Throwing it onto burgeoning flames of a fire causes the vase to break and release the chemical inside it, suppressing the fire through a chemical reaction that captures the oxygen in the air, thus limiting the spread of the flames. This simple, targeted and accessible object can help considerably reduce the number of household fires.

A promising concept

Between September and December 2018, the insurance company handed out over 100,000 vases as part of a prevention campaign. A video featuring a national celebrity extinguishing a fire was put online and shown in several movie theatres. Thanks to the firevase, 81% of the population stated they had understood the importance of having a fire extinguisher at home and the number of households owning a fire extinguisher rose by 8%.

In response to the campaign’s success, 200,000 additional items were manufactured and the company is considering putting the fire extinguisher on the international market.

Moreover in order to prove that the Firevase is not a mere gimmick or marketing product, it has been certified effective by the “Korea Fire Institute”.

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