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From plastic waste to urban furniture

From plastic waste to urban furniture
From plastic waste to urban furniture

A Dutch research and design studio is using 3D printing to convert the plastic waste generated by Amsterdam's inhabitants into urban furniture.  

"Print your city" is an ongoing project launched by New Raw, a Rotterdam-based design studio involved in the circular economy and passionate about new technologies. Since its inception, THE NEW RAW's research department has focused on recycling plastic waste through 3D printing. The 23 kilograms produced per person per year are intended to serve as raw materials for 3D printers designed for the purpose. After having been collected, sorted and crushed, the plastic waste is converted into pellets which will be fed into the 3D printers.

The first object to be 3D printed was a bench weighing 50 kilograms and measuring 150 cm in length and 80 cm in width. Christened XXX, its design is fun and original; most importantly, however, it is the first of a long series to find its place in the street as New Raw plans to expand its range of products, which could include recycling bins, playgrounds and bus shelters.
The New Raw hopes to encourage citizens to take action by recycling their household plastic waste by involving them in a new concept for furnishing their urban spaces.

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