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Futuristic shower

Futuristic shower
Futuristic shower

The shower/bathtub concept dreamt up by Piotr Pyrtek looks like it comes straight from a science fiction film! 

Specially designed for small apartments, the “Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit” is an amazing bathtub that can be turned into a completely enclosed shower. With an opening mechanism inspired by the petals of a tulip, this combined shower/bathtub is as attractive as it is efficient since Piotr has, of course, thought of incorporating all the functions essential for a quality bathtub: hydromassage, jets, etc.

The “Tulip” patent is currently going through the approval process. 
Needless to say, most of the parts used in the “Tulip” will be plastic: Piotr Pyrtek is looking for a processor to give tangible form to his concept.

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