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Hover Glide, a revolutionary floating backpack

Hover Glide, a revolutionary floating backpack
Hover Glide, a revolutionary floating backpack

It is every hiker’s dream: not having to bear the weight of a backpack that seems to get heavier and heavier as the hike goes on: the backpack’s load exerts a certain force, and it can be multiplied by a factor of up to 3 depending on whether the wearer is walking or running!

A self-stabilising backpack that reduces impacts

This dream may come true with a new bag designed by the American Lightning Packs company! Nicknamed Hover Glide, it is fitted with a new technology christened SLT for “Suspended Load Technology”, a dual-frame system with several pulleys that adds a suspension system to the bag. It absorbs shocks and reduces the load, thus reducing the impact on the back, neck, knees and ankles. The weight carried could be reduced by up to 82% when walking and up to 90% when running. This ingenious system could also reduce load-related injuries and enable users to have a better posture during the effort.
Hover Glide’s feats do not end there. It also has many useful and clever pockets, and it is made from durable, lightweight, resistant and water-repellent materials such as polyamide.
Originally invented by a biology professor with expertise in mechanical function and biomechanics, who was asked to design a system able to reduce the weight of the heavy loads carried by the American special forces, the Hover Glide will go on sale in September 2019 following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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