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On your bike!

On your bike!
On your bike!

How about a bicycle made from PET plastic bottles, shampoo packs and old fridge parts?
After fleece, cushions and duvet fillings, PET plastic bottles have found a new use: bicycle frames. 
This technological achievement is the work of Brazil-based, Uruguayan applied artist Juan Muzzi. For twelve years he has spent his time (and money) in designing bicycles made from PET plastic bottles. The first model was launched in Brazil in 2011. There are now 2,500 people on the waiting list in Sao Paulo for the two-wheeled wonder - made to order only.

It takes around 200 bottles to make a frame, which sells for €100. Customers can even bring their own bottles.
Imaplast, the company set up by the artist, also offers complete bikes at €1,250 with some parts made from shampoo bottles and refrigerator parts. As well as being environmentally-friendly, the bikes don’t rust and absorb shocks from bumpy roads well.
In 2012, Juan Muzzi plans to produce a child’s bike, and a wheelchair that will be given free to customers who provide the plastic for it.

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