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PacXpert, an alternative to rigid packaging

PacXpert, an alternative to rigid packaging
PacXpert, an alternative to rigid packaging

Created with technology from American company Dow, PacXpert can boast of an ability to fill several roles at the same time and of having more than one trick up its sleeve!
Designed as an alternative to bottles, drums and jerry cans, PacXpert is a flexible bag with handles and a cap, able to contain anywhere between one and 20 litres. Thanks to its flexibility, it occupies less space than traditional containers. When empty, it can be transported and stored flat. When full, its cubic shape enables storage shelves to be optimised. Given that its manufacture requires few materials, its end-of-life waste volume is particularly small.

Designed from a highly durable co-extruded PE/PA film, PacXpert can be used for any type of product, be it solid or liquid food: pasta, cereals, etc.,  or chemicals and industrial products such as detergents and paints, and even pharmaceutical products.

Innovative, handy, economical and ecological, PacXpert, which is currently sold in France, the UK , Ireland and Belgium by the French company Leygapack, has received numerous awards. It recently took first place at the European Plastics Innovation Competition held in Brussels in January, in the category of "Best substitute for Enhanced Sustainability". 

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