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Portable shelter for the homeless

Portable shelter for the homeless
Portable shelter for the homeless

"Compact Shelter" is a compact emergency shelter which can be unfolded in two minutes and is able to withstand even the most extreme weather.
A large white cube with one main opening. That is what the emergency shelter, created by young Australian entrepreneur Alastair Pryor, looks like when it is unfolded. Called "Compact Shelter", it can be unfolded in less than two minutes and can be used as emergency shelter for refugees or homeless people. It can hold up to four people - two adults and two children, in a space measuring 8 cubic metres, i.e. 2 x 2 x 2 metres. Two individual boxes can be joined together to form a larger space or two separate rooms.

This miniature shelter can be easily stored and transported, although it does weigh in at sixteen kilos. Its weight can be explained by its composition: it is made from polypropylene, a plastic material that is resistant to ultraviolet rays (UV), wear and tear, weather and cold. It also has a system of air ducts: cold air enters through the ground and hot air is evacuated through the sides. 

After having been submitted to a barrage of tests in order to ensure that it complies with emergency organisations' standards, the shelter will be adapted to all kinds of weather conditions.
"Compact Shelter", which is also 100% recyclable, should soon be commercialised at a price of 150 dollars, around a hundred Euros.

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