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Recycled and trendy fire hoses

Recycled and trendy fire hoses
Recycled and trendy fire hoses

Good old fire hoses that find a second life after 25 years of loyal service saving lives, that's the idea put forward by the two brothers Robert & Martin Klüsener, who created the FEUERWEAR company, located in the region of Cologne in Germany, in 2005.

Feuerwear, which means "Firefighter" in German, sells bags, belts, wallets and other accessories manufactured from used fire hoses: composed of high performance woven polyester and rubber, they withstood all the tests and each wears the scars of its past. After having been recovered, they are cleaned and cut and then manually processed. Each accessory produced is therefore unique and combines durability and aesthetic design. Recycled safety belts are used as shoulder straps and the finishing touches are made using pieces of truck tarpaulins. Most of the products are available in white or red, as they are the official colours of German fire hoses. Some models are available in black, the colour of the insides of the fire hoses.

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