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Small but revolutionary

Small but revolutionary
Small but revolutionary

Nike have just brought out a new golf ball, the 20XI and, as any informed Latin scholar will spot immediately, this is a mixture of Arabic and Roman numerals which means 2011!

This new ball is revolutionary, thanks to its core of highly technical polymer resin, the fruit of four years of joint research and collaboration between teams of scientific experts at DuPont and engineers at Nike Golf. 

This high-tech thermoplastic resin, specially developed for golf balls, replaces the traditional rubber core, and should enable any good golfer to make his dream come true: a longer, straighter drive and more control over the trajectory.

“DuPont was the ideal partner for us in designing the 20XI ball; they are the world leader in materials, science and innovation,” says Rock Ishii, Product Development Director at Nike Golf, “this collaboration is synonymous with revolution in the field of the golf ball.”

A supreme guarantee of quality: the new ball has been tested and approved by Tiger Woods himself!

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