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Smart Forvision an eco-friendly car

Smart Forvision an eco-friendly car
Smart Forvision an eco-friendly car

Designed in collaboration with BASF, the new zero-emission Smart Forvision showcases lightweight materials and high-performance insulation. Technologies that should up electric cars’ range by 20%.

Shedding weight and staying stylish, the Smart Forvision’s sports wheels are made entirely of high-performance plastic developed by BASF, saving about three kilograms per wheel.

The body and doors are made of carbon-fibre-reinforced epoxy resin, which drops weight by 50 per cent when compared to a steel body or 30% with an aluminium body.

The Forvision is packed with energy-saving technologies. The photovoltaic tiles of its solar panel roof power the car’s multimedia system. The composition of the body and windows reflects heat, keeping the cabin four degrees cooler on a hot day.
The seats, too, combine effective temperature management (heat is directed to specific body areas where it is needed) with a drastic weight loss, again thanks to plastic.

"Cars of the future need materials and technologies which reduce energy consumption whilst also increasing the range and level of comfort. Our innovations make a decisive contribution to this," says Dr. Christian Fischer, Head of BASF Polymer Research. “We are proud to have developed a holistic concept for sustainable urban mobility in cooperation with Smart. Together we are presenting a pioneering vehicle which is without parallel."

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