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Soundshield : a unique dual-purpose helmet

Soundshield : a unique dual-purpose helmet
Soundshield : a unique dual-purpose helmet

A group of young Argentineans has created the Soundshield, a new helmet for fans of music and extreme sports: a protective, designer-helmet equipped with high-quality, removable Bluetooth headphones.

It has not been easy to listen to high-quality music when you're wearing a helmet and heavy gloves, all while sliding down the snowy slopes!
Young Argentinean riders, assisted by designers, have developed a solution enabling users to listen to music, skip tracks, play and stop it, and answer the phone without having to stop, open your jacket and take off your gloves. The Bluetooth headphones have a 16-hour play time, can be docked in the protective shell and are in a highly visible shade of flashy yellow. In addition, they are waterproof, flexible, fitted with a 40 mm speakers and a microphone to take phone calls. Since users will most often be wearing heavy gloves, it is easy to operate. A single large button is located at the centre of the speaker to pause the music, skip a track, and more, and a dial around the first button is used to adjust the volume. 

The helmet meets all safety standards and has a 3 mm ABS shell, lined with EPS foam that fits the shape of the head. It will also be delivered with a removable goggle clip.
Of course, this ultra-futuristic designer helmet can be used without the headphones; and the headphones can be removed and used without the helmet. 
The Soundshield is currently at the project stage, and a crowdfunding campaign was recently launched on Indiegogo.

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