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The end of punctures?

The end of punctures?
The end of punctures?

Who has not experienced a puncture while taking a pleasant ride through the countryside? If you don't have a bicycle repair kit or a spare tire, you'll be making the return trip on foot! 

Six years ago, we ran an article, in Plastics the Mag, about a prototype car tire without air that could not be punctured unveiled by Bridgestone at the Tokyo Motor Show. The manufacturer recently announced the upcoming commercialisation of a version for bicycles. Using the same characteristics as the version for cars, Bridgestone Corporation, in partnership with Bridgestone Cycle, developed a system of thermoplastic resin spokes whose specific structure can absorb impacts while maintaining its adherence to the road. The system could also provide greater flexibility as regards designing bicycles and consumes less energy, for electric bicycles at least.

Bridgestone is currently assessing the tire's viability and has stated that a consumer version could be available by 2019. Who knows, we may one day see such a system for mopeds, scooters, or even motorbikes, for longer and safer rides!

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