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Tiwal, a small inflatable sailboat

Tiwal, a small inflatable sailboat
Tiwal, a small inflatable sailboat

Six years ago, an inflatable sailboat was created in a small workshop on the Breton coast: Tiwal 3 is the world’s first ever inflatable and high-performance dinghy-boat. Equipped with an inflatable PVC hull and an aluminium structure, it is foldable, compact and sufficiently lightweight (50 kg) to fit into 2 bags and be carried by 2 adults.

A small sailboat exhibited at the MOMA

Since then, the small sailboat has travelled the world, received several prestigious awards in Japan, the United States, Germany and France. It was even exhibited at the MOMA in New York in early 2018.

Faced with such success, the Breton company and its designer Marion Excoffon decided to create a new, smaller and more compact model that is even quicker to assemble. Equipped with inflatable wings that have replaced the aluminium wings and the same inflatable PVC hull as before, Tiwal 2 is fifty centimetres smaller than its big brother - – 2.80m in total – and is equipped with a single boom-less 5.6m² Dacron sail.

It also lost a little weight and only weighs 40 kg. It can be transported in two bags and can be assembled in just 15 minutes thanks to a 5-step assembly process: inflate the hull, insert the centreboard well, install the rigging and appendages and perform the final inflation operations.

Easy to use, easy to sail!

Easy to assemble and learn to handle, easy to put away, and especially easy to sail! Tiwal 2 remains first and foremost a dinghy that is very easy to use, comfortable, stable and fun, to be used alone or in pairs. Ideal for beginners, its lightness and responsiveness can also appeal to experienced sailors. A sailboat that can be transported in a car boot, on a slightly larger boat, or even on a plane is definitely very handy!

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