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Urban Chameleon, 1 solution, 3 possibilities!

Urban Chameleon, 1 solution, 3 possibilities!
Urban Chameleon, 1 solution, 3 possibilities!

Italian designer Chiara Daniele has designed a multifunction concept that not only fulfills basic transportation needs, but also provides a place of safety to young kids within the four walls.

Called Urban Chameleon, the concept comprises a shell made in ABS that comes ready with two kinds of cushioning to accommodate tiny tots of different age groups with ease. Featuring a flexible design, the shell turns, from a relaxing cradle, into a seat that can adjust to three different supports to carry out different needs of transportation. For, not only can it be used as a base for a car and as a stroller-bike, but also as a high chair for home-use as well.

In addition, parents can stay closer to the ‘Chamy’ and push it gently through crowded urban areas. Moreover, it becomes a shopping cart that  can be used as a means of transportation for their day-to-day purchases in the downtown markets.

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