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Walking on water

Walking on water
Walking on water

Walking on water is now possible thanks to this new concept of stand-up paddling: the Mirage Eclipse, a paddle board unlike any other!
The latest innovation of the Hobie brand, Mirage® Eclipse, the world's first pedal board, offers a new approach to Stand-Up and the sea, without a paddle. Incredibly stable, users just step on the board and activate the Mirage's blades with their legs in order to start moving. In fact, the Eclipse enables users to do step exercises on the water and under the sun, which is quite an advantage in, and of, itself.

The board is manufactured from epoxy resin, is lightweight and stable, thanks to the flat and square design of its rear part. Its stability is improved thanks to an adjustable aluminium handlebar which enables users to maintain balance. The rudder is controlled through the handles, making the Hobie Mirage Eclipse very agile and easy to navigate: beginners and experienced athletes will be able to enjoy sliding around on the water thanks to this hybrid of the SUP, the stepper, the bicycle and the pedal boat!
Mirage Eclipse is available in two models, with a long version measuring 3.70m and a smaller model measuring 3.20m.

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