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Well-anchored, no wobbling

Well-anchored, no wobbling
Well-anchored, no wobbling

Bischof & Klein, a manufacturer of packaging material with worldwide operations, is now using Styroflex to produce the stretch hood films of its SmartFlex® SE series.
Styroflex is a highly elastic styrene-butadiene copolymer (AKA SBC) manufactured by BASF. And the SmartFlex film consists of several layers, the core layer being made of Styroflex. 
In addition to being very easy to process, it also displays good recovery properties. Tests have shown that the film containing Styroflex wraps tightly around the load, holding it securely on the pallet, even after being stretched by as much as 220 percent and even if the pallet is tilted by up to 35 percent.
Bischof & Klein is currently developing a UV-resistant SmartFlex® SE film on the basis of Styroflex; this film will be suitable for outdoor applications such as wrapping roof tiles, garden furniture and chemical prod¬ucts. Irresistible, isn’t it?

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