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When Fashion Week rhymes with plastics

When Fashion Week rhymes with plastics
When Fashion Week rhymes with plastics

From vinyl bodysuits to transparent thigh-boots through improbable rain hats, plastics have made a great comeback on the fashion scene.
Whether it was in Milan, New York, London or Paris, one material was the queen of the catwalks: plastics. As the flagship material of the spring-summer 2018 fashion shows, plastics brightened the world's most famous fashion weeks. 

Chanel, Valentino, Burberry, Balmain, mythical and recognised creators, or new arrivals not as well known among the general public, all of them seemed to be on the same page and used these materials that can bring any flight of fancy to life. Translucent and fun, matte, glossy, able to take on any shape or colour, they are everywhere: transparent raincoats, glamorous coats, sexy thigh-boots, neo-classical trousers, retro jackets, chic hats and shocking caps, a must-have! 

The favoured material of the greatest creators of the 1960s, vinyl was in top form! It remains the favoured material for classical and elegant trench coats, of course, but also perfectly fits in with a more 1980s rock look, and gladly takes its place in the colourful bum bags and puffer jackets of streetwear.

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