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  • Polymers clothed in light
    Expert views 3 min

    Polymers clothed in light

    An interview with Valentina Lo Savio, head of marketing and communications for Italian garden furniture manufacturer Slide....

  • Plastic Odyssey : fuelled by waste
    At a glance 2 min

    Plastic Odyssey : fuelled by waste

    Plastic Odyssey is the name given to an expedition which aims to go around the world aboard a catamaran fuelled by plastic waste recovered throughout the journey and converted into fuel. During a s...

  • Nurseries unlike any other
    At a glance 1 min

    Nurseries unlike any other

    The "Coral Restoration Foundation", an NGO based in Key Largo, raises coral in nurseries with a view to implanting them in Florida's coral reefs. Coral reefs have been suffering badly over the past f...

  • Wingman soars on the wings of desire
    Expert views 4 min

    Wingman soars on the wings of desire

    An interview with Paul Breur, founder of the Wingman Condom company and designer of its eponymous condom, which won the 2014 IF Design Award, one of the most prestigious international awards....

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