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A prairie robot
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A prairie robot

The Swedes have achievements other than Ikea: Husqvarna, for instance, which is a major manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment. Their new automatic lawnmower Automower® 260 ACX makes the tedious...
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  • Futuristic shower
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    Futuristic shower

    The shower/bathtub concept dreamt up by Piotr Pyrtek looks like it comes straight from a science fiction film!  Specially designed for small apartments, the “Tulip Bathtub and Shower Unit” is an am...

  • Surf Air, the inflatable surfboard
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    Surf Air, the inflatable surfboard

    Designer Thomas de Lussac has introduced a new concept: the "Surf Air," an inflatable surfboard developed using an innovative technique - "three-dimensional fabric." The Surf Air comprises two parall...

  • Bridgestone's airless tyre
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    Bridgestone's airless tyre

    Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone unveiled a new, thermoplastic- resin-based, puncture-proof, airless tyre at the last Tokyo Motor Show (December 2011). The challenge that the Japanese tyre maker set i...

  • The "ball cam": getting a bird's eye view
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    The "ball cam": getting a bird's eye view

    Would you throw your camera in the air to take pictures? Well, now you can with the "Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera" - a ball made to be tossed into the air where it shoots full spherical panorama...

  • Musical foam
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    Musical foam

    The Genexis theatre in Singapore is a suspended oval-shaped structure. With its arrangement of plywood ribs and steel screens, the foyer of the theatre is an undulating space with the appearance of a ...

  • Canibal, the waste eater
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    Canibal, the waste eater

    Canibal is an original, intelligent and fun waste disposal unit for containers of drinks consumed outdoors. With the appearance of a coffee vending machine, it takes cans, small bottles of PET or coff...

  • Technological challenge in the bottle
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    Technological challenge in the bottle

    Its name is Shesha and it is full of Butane gas. But, it has other characteristics: it is equipped with a plastic bumper, a removable handle and castors.  The periodic inspection of pressure in accor...

  • Well-anchored, no wobbling
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    Well-anchored, no wobbling

    Bischof & Klein, a manufacturer of packaging material with worldwide operations, is now using Styroflex to produce the stretch hood films of its SmartFlex® SE series. Styroflex is a highly elastic st...

  • Keep cool!
    At a glance 1 min

    Keep cool!

    Far from the typical scene on American TV with SUVs running at full speed, lights and sirens on, vital medical supplies are transported daily in European cities - discreetly, without interrupting our ...

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