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Anti-terrorist robots
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Anti-terrorist robots

Three robots specialising in reconnaissance, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and armed attacks were unveiled at the 2015 World Robot Conference that just ended in Beijing, in a context where terrori...
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  • Well-anchored, no wobbling
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    Well-anchored, no wobbling

    Bischof & Klein, a manufacturer of packaging material with worldwide operations, is now using Styroflex to produce the stretch hood films of its SmartFlex® SE series. Styroflex is a highly elastic st...

  • Keep cool!
    At a glance 1 min

    Keep cool!

    Far from the typical scene on American TV with SUVs running at full speed, lights and sirens on, vital medical supplies are transported daily in European cities - discreetly, without interrupting our ...

  • Universal paint
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    Universal paint

    Cave paintings are as old as man himself and oil paintings are common – not just in museums. And the latest? Universal paint. It is an epoxy resin called Resinence Color and which can be applied on an...

  • Beijing swims in silence
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    Beijing swims in silence

    Swimming is always pleasant, but swimming pools are not always large and aesthetic, and unfortunately they are practically always noisy and humid. The Beijing "Water Cube", which hosted the swimming ...

  • Self healing paint: magics? No: plastics
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    Self healing paint: magics? No: plastics

    As a teacher at the Beckman Institute of Illinois University, Scott White has studied materials and the way they fracture. Inspired by biology and nature, he considered how living things heal and, app...

  • Firefighters protected by plastics for our security
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    Firefighters protected by plastics for our security

    A firefighter’s helmet is an object that symbolically bears a lot of weight. In addition to having to resist intense heat and flames it represents courage. Of course. A short survey was organised, th...

  • Basement, not swimming pool!
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    Basement, not swimming pool!

    Basements whose outer walls are exposed to groundwater cool off so drastically that condensation forms on the inner surface for prolonged periods of time. Mold can grow not only on the walls but also ...

  • Geckel: stick to it!
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    Geckel: stick to it!

    Geckos are remarkable in their ability to scurry up vertical surfaces and even move along upside down. That’s one. Water is an enemy of adhesives, which typically do not work well in wet environments....

  • Medical plastics
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    Medical plastics

    What’s the difference between a medical plastic and a regular one? No, it’s not the diploma from a medical school. It’s transparency, resistance to chemicals and to fluctuations in temperature, stiffn...

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