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A unique and sustainable portable charger
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A unique and sustainable portable charger

Gomi, a sustainable design studio located in Brighton in England, recently designed a portable charger made from plastic waste....
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  • Compostable polymers
    At a glance 1 min

    Compostable polymers

    German chemicals firm BASF is expanding its line of biodegradable plastics from supermarket bags to a practical and economical solution for agricultural mulch: its new "Ecovio F Mulch" plastic. Design...

  • Fight the noise!
    At a glance 1 min

    Fight the noise!

    How do you keep out the roar of a stadium crowd, preserve the productive silence of an office or the pin-drop tranquility of a recording studio and still give architects maximum flexibility? The answe...

  • On your bike!
    At a glance 1 min

    On your bike!

    How about a bicycle made from PET plastic bottles, shampoo packs and old fridge parts?   After fleece, cushions and duvet fillings, PET plastic bottles have found a new use: bicycle frames.  This t...

  • Self-constructing plastic nanofibres!
    At a glance 1 min

    Self-constructing plastic nanofibres!

    Chemists at CNRS and the University of Strasbourg have developed electricity-conducting nanoscale fibres that are flexible, super-light and are able to self-assemble when triggered by light. Perfect f...

  • All change for drivers
    At a glance 1 min

    All change for drivers

    The next-generation driving licence will appear in 2013: the polycarbonate e-licence will be a credit card-style smart card and will be issued from January 2013 under a European Directive which requir...

  • A bright idea!
    At a glance 1 min

    A bright idea!

    A fantastic dress thought up by Casual Profanity, alias Charlie Bucket! Made of transparent tubes carrying a phosphorescent liquid injected at different frequencies and different speeds by a pump, ...

  • Small but revolutionary
    At a glance 1 min

    Small but revolutionary

    Nike have just brought out a new golf ball, the 20XI and, as any informed Latin scholar will spot immediately, this is a mixture of Arabic and Roman numerals which means 2011! This new ball is revo...

  • Sakku solar bag
    At a glance 1 min

    Sakku solar bag

    The Swiss bag Sakku can not only carry your belongings but also serve as a recharging point for your telephone, GPS, walkman, etc.  You will no longer be up in the mountains with your portable out of ...

  • Plastiki, a catamaran made of recycled bottles
    At a glance 1 min

    Plastiki, a catamaran made of recycled bottles

    After many months of design work, this 20-metre catamaran, sponsored by David de Rotschild, finally took to the sea on 20 March to cross the Atlantic, from San Francisco (California) to Sydney (Austra...

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