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3D olympic prosthesis
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3D olympic prosthesis

At the Paralympic Games in Rio, German athlete Denise Schindler became the first cyclist to compete with a 3D-printed prosthesis. In partnership with Autodesk, a new 3D-printed prosthesis was special...
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  • Bridgestone's airless tyre
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    Bridgestone's airless tyre

    Tyre manufacturer Bridgestone unveiled a new, thermoplastic- resin-based, puncture-proof, airless tyre at the last Tokyo Motor Show (December 2011). The challenge that the Japanese tyre maker set i...

  • The "ball cam": getting a bird's eye view
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    The "ball cam": getting a bird's eye view

    Would you throw your camera in the air to take pictures? Well, now you can with the "Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera" - a ball made to be tossed into the air where it shoots full spherical panorama...

  • Musical foam
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    Musical foam

    The Genexis theatre in Singapore is a suspended oval-shaped structure. With its arrangement of plywood ribs and steel screens, the foyer of the theatre is an undulating space with the appearance of a ...

  • Canibal, the waste eater
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    Canibal, the waste eater

    Canibal is an original, intelligent and fun waste disposal unit for containers of drinks consumed outdoors. With the appearance of a coffee vending machine, it takes cans, small bottles of PET or coff...

  • Technological challenge in the bottle
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    Technological challenge in the bottle

    Its name is Shesha and it is full of Butane gas. But, it has other characteristics: it is equipped with a plastic bumper, a removable handle and castors.  The periodic inspection of pressure in accor...

  • Well-anchored, no wobbling
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    Well-anchored, no wobbling

    Bischof & Klein, a manufacturer of packaging material with worldwide operations, is now using Styroflex to produce the stretch hood films of its SmartFlex® SE series. Styroflex is a highly elastic st...

  • Keep cool!
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    Keep cool!

    Far from the typical scene on American TV with SUVs running at full speed, lights and sirens on, vital medical supplies are transported daily in European cities - discreetly, without interrupting our ...

  • Universal paint
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    Universal paint

    Cave paintings are as old as man himself and oil paintings are common – not just in museums. And the latest? Universal paint. It is an epoxy resin called Resinence Color and which can be applied on an...

  • Beijing swims in silence
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    Beijing swims in silence

    Swimming is always pleasant, but swimming pools are not always large and aesthetic, and unfortunately they are practically always noisy and humid. The Beijing "Water Cube", which hosted the swimming ...

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