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A mattress made from recycled CO2

A mattress made from recycled CO2
A mattress made from recycled CO2

Bayer, the German group set itself an interesting challenge: making commercial products from recycled CO2! 
And the first of such products should be a mattress whose polyurethane foam contains CO2!

Such polyurethane foams have, until now, traditionally been made with polyol, an organic composite derived from fossil raw materials. Thanks to an extremely innovative catalyst and years of research, it seems like it may finally be possible to use CO2 to manufacture polyol, which would replace the polyol derived from fossil fuels.
The project's test phase, which received support from the Federal government and was called Dream production, has shown that this innovative foam's quality is at least equal to that of conventional material. 

Bayer began a planification process aimed at constructing a production facility on its site in Dormagen, in Germany, which would be able to produce several thousand tonnes per year.
The first objective is to produce the first CO2-based polyols in large quantities, and to put them on the market in 2016.

"Recycling" a greenhouse gas into a raw material, and the saving in terms of fossil fuels would be entirely beneficial to the environment! "We have managed to transform an exhaust gas which is potentially harmful to the climate into a useful raw material", said Patrick Thomas, CEO of Bayer Material Science.

The polyurethane foam made from CO2 could find uses in many applications relevant to daily life, such as furniture upholstery, auto parts, refrigeration equipment, insulation, etc.

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