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A panel in the pond

A panel in the pond
A panel in the pond

Osesol, a Lyon-based company has just applied for a patent on floating photovoltaic panels – an original and innovative design:  “the floating, economical, ecological and adaptable water photovoltaic station.” The essence of the innovation, proposed by Osesol, lies in the floating PVC structure of the station, which can be adapted for all basins. Jean-Philippe Léger, a manager, sees many advantages.  Total recycling precludes pollution and the natural cooling of the panels ensures high efficiency. 

The other decisive advantage expected is the cost:  “According to our calculations, we can produce a watt for €2, below the fateful profitability threshold of €3,” the founder of Osesol anticipates. 

An initial installation is planned for the spring of 2012 in Pommeraie sur Sèvres. The company has also won two invitations to tender abroad. The first is for the installation of floating panels on two hectares in Singapore; the second in Chile, on a flooded former copper mine, for a capacity of 1.5 megawatt.

Osesol is also engaged in negotiations with a French energy group to install water panels in the South of France with a generating capacity of more than 10 megawatts.

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