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A plastic Hobbit hole

A plastic Hobbit hole
A plastic Hobbit hole

Ever since the first "Lord of the Rings" film was released, many have dreamed of having their own "Hobbit hole" – a picturesque vaulted home under a blanket of soil and vegetation.

American construction company Green Magic Homes have made these dreams come true, thanks to Hobbit-style modular prefabricated plastic structures that can be assembled to meet buyers' specifications. Buyers can then decide to cover their home with plants, grass etc.
Every Green Magic Home is composed of individual fibre-reinforced polymer arches that are bolted together like the sections of a slide. The segments, once they have been joined together, can then be linked together to form the various waterproof rooms/modules that can subsequently be linked up to create different types of homes; buyers can also mix and match the modules as they wish. Once the floor had been added, its weight helps to push the sections together, by adding a force rather than by creating structural stress.

According to the manufacturer, the small one-bedroom homes can be built in three days by three people, while the larger three-bedroom homes can be assembled in five to six days. All that's left to do afterwards is to carefully cover the structure with earth and plants. The plant covering can comprise any small plant suited to the home's regional climate, and provides natural insulation for a cool home in summer and a warm home in winter.
Highly durable, light, easy to assemble and waterproof, these modular homes are perfect for any environment (desert, mountains, tropics) and are exported worldwide. They are also a choice emergency shelter.

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