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A vacuum cleaner made of 100% recycled and re-used materials

Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux has unveiled the prototype of a vacuum cleaner made from 100% re-used components and recycled plastic.
A vacuum cleaner made of 100% recycled and re-used materials
A vacuum cleaner made of 100% recycled and re-used materials

It was developed with Swedish recycler Stena Recycling as part of the Circular Initiative collaboration. It consists of plastics and components made from post-consumer electronics, including hairdryers, computers and other used vacuums from Nordic households. This means that no raw materials were used to manufacture this visionary vacuum cleaner.

Innovating to increase the amount of recycled plastic in appliances

This is not the first time the Swedish giant has tried its hand at the sustainable production of household appliances: in 2010, it produced a few vacuums made from plastic waste collected from the seas and oceans. Launched as part of the "Vac from the sea" project, Electrolux was trying to draw attention to the problem of marine waste and the need to incorporate recycled plastic into the manufacture of sustainable household equipment. With this in mind, since 2010 the group has been producing a range of "Green" vacuum cleaners made from 55-70% recycled plastic.

The prototype vacuum cleaner made from 100% recycled and re-used materials that has just been launched is in line with the same approach: a desire to make progress towards achieving the circularity of household appliances.

A solid approach to circularity

The development of knowledge about recycling and the integration of recycled materials, as well as the study of the life span of recycled products and components, are key elements for future innovations. This knowledge will be used to study how household appliances should be designed, manufactured and recycled according to the principles of the circular economy and to ensure that the market for recycled plastics is as successful as the market for virgin plastics.

"The partnership with Stena Recycling is one of the important initiatives to which we have made a commitment. Through the partnership, we hope to take our company and the industry forward through knowledge sharing and innovation. We want to help consumers make sustainable choices, and to succeed we need a strong approach to circularity," said Jonas Samuelson, the company's CEO.

This visionary vacuum is in line with Electrolux's ambitions to introduce at least 50% recycled materials in all its products by 2030.

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