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An eco-smart collection: “Rothy’s x Evian”

On the occasion of the US OPEN 22 tennis tournament in Flushing Meadow, one of the four major tournaments of the Grand Slam, Evian and Rothy's have launched the "Rothy's x Evian", a limited-edition capsule collection of tennis clothes and accessories. Its particularity: it is made from used plastic bottles collected during the previous edition of this same tournament!
An eco-smart collection: “Rothy’s x Evian”
© Rothy’s x Evian
An eco-smart collection: “Rothy’s x Evian”

A 100% plastic eco-responsible collection

Every year in September, nearly ten tons of plastic bottles are used during the New York sporting event.
In order to find a circular solution for this plastic waste and give these bottles a second life, the French mineral water brand Evian - also a sponsor of the tournament - and Rothy's, a Californian brand of sustainable ready-to-wear clothing, have joined forces. In 2021, at the end of the tournament, nearly 72,000 bottles were collected from participants and the public.

After being cleaned and broken down in the Rothy's factory, the bottles were mixed with other recycled plastics to be transformed into a soft, washable yarn. This yarn was then used by Rothy's to manufacture the entire capsule collection, which was largely inspired by the world of tennis, using a proprietary 3D knitting process that generates virtually no waste.

"We are delighted to work with Evian to showcase Rothy's processing capabilities and prove that through innovation we are finding new uses for single-use plastic." - Saskia van Gendt, Head of Sustainability at Rothy’s.

Chic and efficient re-use

The unique collection consists of seven stylish pieces - sneaker, trainer, cap, visor, racket cover, bag and bumbag - with a minimalist look: a white background and a discreet tricolour border of navy blue, red and Rothy's signature pink.

Unveiled a few hours before the start of the 2022 edition of the tournament, on the roof of the Rockefeller Center in New York, the "Rothy's x Evian" collection was designed to reduce carbon emissions throughout the manufacturing process.

For Leeni Haemaelaeinen, Marketing Director at Evian, "this eco-responsible approach aims to encourage consumers to recycle their bottles by showing them in a pragmatic way what they can be transformed into.”

The challenge behind this capsule collaboration is twofold. It highlights the importance of taking ecological issues into account in the manufacturing process, but also demonstrates the ability of companies to innovate.

"As Rothy's progresses towards achieving its circular production ambition, we are excited to develop and scale up innovative recycling solutions. Circular design starts where the life of another product might have ended, and we look forward to repurposing recycled Evian bottles into beautiful, high-quality pieces." Saskia van Gendt, Sustainability Manager at Rothy's.

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