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Beijing swims in silence

Beijing swims in silence
Beijing swims in silence

Swimming is always pleasant, but swimming pools are not always large and aesthetic, and unfortunately they are practically always noisy and humid.
The Beijing "Water Cube", which hosted the swimming competitions of the Olympic Games in 2008, is different, of course! 
First of all, it is incredibly beautiful even though, with its 17.000 seats, it cannot be qualified of “cozy”. But cozy it is as far as noise is concerned. 
How come? Its interior has been clad with flame-retardant and environmentally friendly acoustic insulation, a foam named Basotect®. 
The building ceiling structure is made of large Basotect panels that not only provide sound protection but fulfill additional prerequisites: The lightweight panels blend in with the architectural design and meet the environmental requirements. They are load-bearing, flame-retardant and able to withstand high levels of humidity.
These qualities have also seduced the aeronautic sector: It protects the sensitive satellites that the Ariane 5 launcher delivers into space and will soon be used as cabin insulation in the new Boeing’s Dreamliner 787, after a successful career as fireproof airplane seat padding.

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