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Boost, the shoe of a new generation

Boost, the shoe of a new generation
Boost, the shoe of a new generation

Unveiled by marathon-runner Haile Gebreselassie and sprinter Johan Blake on the occasion of its worldwide launch in New-York, the new Adidas Energy Boost shoe positions itself as a revolution in the world of running. This technological gem is designed for running training and competitions over short and long distances, whether you are an amateur runner or an experienced athlete. 
The famous three-Stripes brand partnered with BASF to develop a new and exclusive process which provides cushioning that is as soft as it is reactive. The solid granular material used (thermoplastic polyurethane) was disaggregated to form a midsole made up of thousands of tiny air capsules. These capsules store the energy from each stride and make the shoes twice as bouncy as conventional trainers. 
In addition to its technical achievements, the material promises improved effectiveness in cold and hot weather, as well as increased robustness.
The Boost technology is a turning point in running shoe innovation. It's now or never if you're looking to boost your performance!

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