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Cabaïa backpack: when creativity and recycled plastics come together

Everyone’s talking about the Cabaïa backpack. Made entirely from recycled polyester, it is practical, elegant, customisable, water-repellent and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Cabaïa backpack: when creativity and recycled plastics come together
Cabaïa backpack: when creativity and recycled plastics come together

A whole host of functional features!

Cabaïa launched its first backpacks in 2019, but it was not until 2021 that they introduced their first fully recycled backpacks. Made from 25 PET bottles, the main outer fabric is 100% recycled polyester, while the coated exterior is made from polyurethane and the interior lining is made from polyester. The brand has become popular with city dwellers and adventure seekers across France and Europe.

These backpacks boast a number of features that make all the difference: a wide-angle opening, a strap to secure a suitcase, padded and breathable shoulder straps, a carabiner hook for keys, a watertight bottom in case of unexpected leaks and a small hidden pocket on the back. Durable and practical, Cabaïa backpacks can be customised to suit individual tastes and needs. The front and side pockets are interchangeable (using the MOLLE system patented in 1997 by the US Army), and changing pockets is easy and, most importantly, tamper-proof, thanks to the clever way the straps are woven. A new collection of prints and pockets is available every season so that this bag can evolve alongside your style.

“At Cabaïa, we usually say that upcycling is recycling from the top: in other words, we transform materials that seemed to be of no interest into more ‘noble’ objects. For us, it is a way of creating our products according to our slogan: Amazing Everyday. It is a way to see the creation and potential of everyday materials.” Lorraine, Product Manager.

The brand is aiming for 80% of its accessories to be upcycled by 2024!

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