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Dial, a small bracelet that can save lives!

Dial, a small bracelet that can save lives!
Dial, a small bracelet that can save lives!

Dial, an individual alert and geolocation system designed by renowned designer Philippe Starck and developed by Sauveteur en Mer (SNSM) has just been launched in France. It is a flexible orange silicone strap that is easily identifiable in water, with a comfortable ergonomic design that adapts to each wrist. Highly resistant, it is supplied with a waterproof beacon comprising a multi-operator SIM card that can be used in 36 European countries and a GPS system that continuously broadcasts its wearer’s GPS coordinates.
The person wearing the DIAL can broadcast an alert by pressing down on the face of the bracelet for 5 seconds, which will immediately be transferred to a dedicated application installed on the reference person’s smartphone. The latter can then contact the emergency services directly from the application and the emergency services can view the alerting beacon on a map, follow it and guide the rescuers to the scene of the intervention.

Never leave without an alert and location system

The device, which is waterproof to a depth of 10 metres and has a battery life of 12 hours, is mainly designed for pleasure boaters and water sports enthusiasts who go out to sea alone, or for crews in order to enable them to quickly manoeuvre and pick up a person who has fallen overboard, or even for water vehicle rental companies who want to be able to locate their fleet and intervene quickly in the event of an accident. The geolocation capabilities can also be used to monitor children on the beach and can even be useful for hikers taking a trip into the mountains.

Improving the speed of intervention

The survival expectancy of a person who has fallen overboard is estimated to be just a few hours. Significant effort is required to keep oneself on the surface, while exhaustion comes quickly and hypothermia sets in when the body’s temperature dips below 35°C. Speed of intervention is therefore crucial and efforts to locate a person who has fallen overboard are imprecise at best. The Dial bracelet makes it easy to send a message to one’s relatives and broadcast one’s location in real time: a small innovation that could help to avoid many tragedies!

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