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Guardian bracelet

Guardian bracelet
Guardian bracelet

A Taiwanese company has developed a bracelet that can track a child who has gone missing.

Children have the knack of disappearing in the blink of an eye, even when with the most watchful parents. Whether in the shops or at a playground, they can be gone in a split second. Lengthy searches, and sometimes the unthinkable, can be avoided with Taiwanese company Beluvv’s newly-developed wrist strap connected by Bluetooth to a Smartphone with the ability to geo-locate a child.
Guardian is actually a cute and plain-looking sealed tracking device in polycarbonate which can be strapped to the child's wrist, clipped to a bag or worn as a necklace.

Guardian aims to carve out its own niche from other tracking devices like or Filip through the use of Bluetooth technology, making it more lightweight, smaller and less battery-draining than satellite-controlled devices. The BeLuvv has quite a long battery life: four months to a year compared to 24 hours for most GPS trackers.

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