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Osteoid, the new generation plaster

Osteoid, the new generation plaster
Osteoid, the new generation plaster

Deniz Karasahin is a Turkish designer using 3D printing to advance medical sciences. He has developed a plaster concept dubbed “Osteoid” that lets fractures heal faster than traditional casts.

Osteoid is made of a very light plastic material: ABS, provided with ventilation holes that allow the arm to breathe and prevent itches and smells! It fits perfectly over the injured area because it is modelled on and printed for the patient's own arm after scanning with a 3D body scanner. And it is water-resistant, so wearers can even shower with it on.

Better yet, the cast is combined with a LIPUS (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultra Sound) system which transmits low-intensity ultrasounds directly on the fractured area. Specifically, wearing Osteoid and using ultrasound for about twenty minutes a day could reduce the healing time of a fracture by up to 38%.
This product has not yet received official approval from medical authorities, but offers clear advantages: you almost want to try it out!

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