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PURPLE SOLO®, environmentally-friendly urban paving

French start-up Purple Alternative Surface has developed a small 50 cm hexagonal, clip-together paver, an innovative, eco-responsible and modular solution to meet the challenges of recycling and soil permeability.
PURPLE SOLO®, environmentally-friendly urban paving
PURPLE SOLO®, environmentally-friendly urban paving

Christened PURPLE SOLO®, it is made from plastic waste and composite materials that are not currently recycled, such as end-of-life wind turbine blades which are often landfilled.

Recovering plastic waste to improve soil permeability

Easy to install thanks to a clip-together system, these 5 kg tiles are perfectly permeable and will filter rainwater, which will then flow entirely into the subsoil. "The paving can drain more than 270 litres per second per hectare," says Sébastien Molas, CEO of Purple Alternative Surface. "The hollow pavers can each retain 40 litres of water per square metre before gradually releasing it back into the ground. By preventing water runoff, they will prevent the risk of flooding and contamination or pollution, and facilitate the irrigation of green spaces.  They will also save on earthworks, reduce the volume of granular material used and reduce the volume of retention basins.

A permeable, eco-responsible, modular and soon intelligent purple paver

Designed to withstand a weight of 60 tonnes per cm², this new paving offers great stability and distributes the load over a large area. It is intended, among other things, to cover parking spaces, low-speed roads (less than 50 km/h) and cycle paths.  

After two years of R&D, development and a final full-scale test carried out - successfully - in a car park last March, Purple Alternative Surface is now selling its permeable purple slab. And the start-up has no intention of stopping there: it is now considering how to integrate sensors into these plastic pavers to create connected pedestrian crossings, improve the safety of certain dangerous crossings, etc. In short, it aims to create an autonomous and intelligent paver in line with the smart cities of tomorrow.

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