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Shoal tent : sleeping on water

Shoal tent : sleeping on water
Shoal tent : sleeping on water

A newcomer has made its arrival in the world of outdoor activities: the half tent, half raft Shoal Tent is an inflatable and floating raft-tent and a new way of going camping.
A mix between an inflatable raft and a traditional tent, the Shoal Tent is sure to intrigue fans of camping out in the wilderness and nature lovers alike: what could be better than floating along on lakes, ponds and rivers, or sleeping in a dry and safe tent on the water? The tent is waterproof, hyper-resistant, easily inflatable and can be quickly packed up. What more could you ask for?

Designed by the American SmithFly company, Shoal is not intended solely to be a fun camping accessory: the tent could become a survival tent to be used in the event of natural disasters. “With climate change and an increased risk of flooding in many areas, the emergency services could have a stock of floating tents to provide temporary housing to victims” said Ethan Smith, its creator.

The tent will officially go on sale in early 2018

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