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The Airboard, the sled of the 21st century

The Airboard is a new generation inflatable bodyboard developed in Switzerland, a new style of fun sledding that is easy to master, usable by all lovers of thrills and adrenaline rushes.
The Airboard, the sled of the 21st century
The Airboard, the sled of the 21st century

The snow bodyboard

Using the Airboard could not be easier: simply wait for the slopes to close, select a nice slope, either steep or gentle depending on how much excitement you are looking for, inflate the Airboard, lie down on your stomach with your head facing forwards close to the snow, and off you go!

Unlike the old wooden sleds that used to be in fashion, this new type of sled is very easy to control for one simple reason: Kevlar squares located under the sled ensure that it maintains a straight course and ensure great stability at high speeds. Turning simply requires the user to grab the handles and swing their body in the direction in which they want to turn. Stopping is simply a matter of starting a turn in order to place the sled in a position perpendicular to the slope, which is child’s play to do.

Sledding for all and guaranteed thrills

The major advantage of this sport is the very short learning phase – approximately 20 minutes – before becoming comfortable enough with manoeuvring the sled to have fun. As a result, this fun activity is accessible to people of all ages, including experienced snowboarders and non-skiers alike.

Thanks to its ultra-resistant polyurethane air cushion, this inflatable sled absorbs shocks on frozen slopes and surfs on powder snow. The lightweight sled goes fast, very fast – the record is 141 km/h – which is why it is highly recommended to wear a helmet, kneepads and good shoes, even though users will not fall from any great height as they are so close to the ground.

The snow bodyboard comes to us from a young Swiss inventor, Joe Steiner, a poor skier who loves the feel of sliding down a slope. After a decade of development, he is now launching a custom-made toy on the market which enables users to safely slide down the snowy slopes, sold under the Airboard® brand name.

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