The Kochblume® anti-overflow lid, the end of kitchen nightmares!

Here is a small, clever and colourful accessory that will put an end to the bane of any cook’s life, namely water, milk, soup, and others, that overflow during cooking: the Kochblume® flower anti-overflow lid. When the liquid begins to heat up and rise, the internal “flower” opens up: the froth and liquids are collected in the silicon cup and flow cleanly back into the pan. Nothing dribbles down the sides, and nothing stains or burns the cooktop. The Kochblume® flower lid can replace all traditional lids that take up space in the cupboards! Its silicon composition and the five available sizes mean that it will hermetically seal all cooking pans between 7 and 30 cm in diameter.
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The Kochblume® anti-overflow lid

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