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The classic Casio watch!

Casio is a popular Japanese brand and is one of the market leaders within the watch and calculator industries.
The classic Casio watch!
The classic Casio watch!

A far cry from the small world of Swiss watchmaking and its luxurious watches, this Japanese giant made a name for itself with its robust products sold at very attractive prices.

The story of the Kashio brothers

At the very beginning, in 1946, the Casio company was called Kashio Seisakujo. It manufactured components for microscopes and gearboxes.

In 1974, the first Casio watch was created in the Kashio brothers' workshop, the same workshop where the first scientific pocket calculator was designed. Inevitably, the two products ended up crossing paths and the Japanese engineers designed a calculator watch in 1980: the Casio C-80.

Casio thus sought to reach as many people as possible with electronic watches that were practical, simple to use and suitable for all kinds of situations. What was considered heresy by lovers of fine watchmaking became a hit with the general public.

The return of a Pop Culture icon!

The watch that owes much of its success to the famous "Back to the Future" film trilogy­­—since it travelled through time on Marty McFly's wrist in the second film—has finally become trendy again with the recent rise of nostalgia for 70s/80s vintage objects. This icon of the 80s, with its unique and retro look, is back in fashion in 2021!

A 100% plastic dial made of two parts

This watch, which can be worn by both men and women, is instantly recognisable thanks to its large rectangular case comprising two parts: an LCD screen with a digital display that occupies one third of the dial and 16 calculator buttons on the remaining two thirds.

This timeless smartwatch also features a stopwatch, daily alarm option and a second time zone.

The whole dial is made of plastic, each corner of the case is bevelled and the small buttons are well integrated and easy to operate. The watch is waterproof up to 30m and the small screen is protected by acrylic glass, which is resistant to shocks and scratches. The strap, which is also made of plastic, is both flexible and sturdy in order to make it as durable as possible.

In less than 50 years, Casio has become the brand of choice in the market of entry-level watches. The refined details and classic, timeless designs give its models that extra something that has made them truly iconic. As a direct competitor to Seiko, as well as a price competitor to Swatch and Daniel Wellington, Casio’s watches are still a must-have.

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