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The cycling helmet reinvented thanks to 3D printing

The cycling helmet reinvented thanks to 3D printing
The cycling helmet reinvented thanks to 3D printing

Kupol, a Quebec-based start-up specialising in bicycle safety has joined forces with Sculptéo, a leader in the world of 3D printing, to mass manufacture the world’s first entirely 3D-printed cycling helmet incorporating an innovative safety system.

A new technology for added safety and comfort

The cycling helmet, a crucial piece of gear for cyclists, has gradually evolved over the past 20 years but has not seen any major innovations in terms of safety and design. Unlike traditional helmets, the Kupol cycling helmet is made up of a series of successive 3D-printed layers of polymers christened the “Kollide Safety System”, a concept of complex structures that could not be created using any other technique than 3D printing.

This patented technology uses three different levels of protection, the first among them being pads intended to absorb shocks. The second, structural layer absorbs the largest part of the impact by deforming. Finally, one hundred small flexible suction cups line the helmet to provide improved flexibility and comfort and ensure that the helmet stays in contact with the cyclist’s head.

A design and modular helmet

Lightweight, comfortable and providing a better airflow, the Kupol helmet is also an aesthetically-pleasing and modular accessory: 3D printing technology enables the start-up to create mountain bike helmets with a visor as well as aerodynamic helmets without a front visor. In addition, future customers will be able to choose from among 7 colours and 6 sizes.

If all goes well, the Kupol helmet should be in shops in June 2019.

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