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A 100% recycled store

A 100% recycled store
A 100% recycled store

Today’s go-to place in Shanghai is the new Nike store ... made from used PET bottles, CDs and drinks cans. As environmentally friendly as it gets!

The origami-design ceiling is made from recycled CDs and DVDs, the cables and building connection joints from aluminium cans. The adjustable ceiling can be repositioned to adapt to different in-store exhibition and retail programmes. Around 2,000 metres of tension cables have been made from 2,000 PET water bottles, and the building connection joints were made from 5,278 aluminium cans. The designers say no adhesive was used and all the materials are 100% recyclable.
And the result is astonishing: a world away from the jumble of recycled materials you might imagine, the store’s unstructured lines are a design statement worthy of the great names in architecture. Proof that any trash...can be turned into a treasure!

Miniwiz, the architectural firm that designed it, is already a big name in Taiwan for its environmentally-friendly projects and major recycling initiatives (see article...). Its EcoArk Taipei exhibition hall, dubbed "the world's greenest pavilion", was built with 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles, is half the weight of a conventional building and can withstand hurricanes.

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