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Building differently with WallE+

Although the name of Wall-E might initially conjure up the image of the little cleaning robot from the eponymous animated film, it is also the name of a prefabricated module made of composites with a dual purpose: speeding up the construction of buildings and reducing their environmental impact.
Building differently with WallE+
Building differently with WallE+

WallE+®, for “positive energy wall”, is a construction system designed by the company Solutions Composite, under the impetus of its director, Laurent Destouches. Twenty years ago, the latter, a specialist in composites, wondered why these materials were not being used in the building sector, as they had all the requisite qualities such as strength, lightness and thermal insulation.

He then set about developing a construction system comprising structural profiles made from composite materials, which are 10 times lighter than concrete, resistant, structuring and insulating, re-usable and require few raw materials to manufacture. The idea is to use them as load-bearing walls, floors or roofs to erect "different", energy-efficient and resilient buildings.

A combination of economic, technical and environmental performance

In short, this system combines a composite material made of thermosetting resin filled with 65% glass fibres and an insulator. Produced by pultrusion, the hollow composite block - a box of sorts - houses and protects any type of insulation material, whether biosourced, from recycling, etc.  

These modules, prefabricated in the factory, can be assembled and joined together in just a few hours. A very fine joint between the panels allows the thermal bridge to be "considerably" reduced. The system is designed to serve as a base for various elements such as cladding, solar panels, green roof trays and energy recovery systems, and will function as a comprehensive building envelope. Perfectly watertight, it will guarantee the stability of the building as well as its thermal and acoustic insulation while remaining affordable to install.

A sustainable solution that reduces the ecological footprint of buildings and promotes re-use.

Mechanically assembled and easily dismantled, the WallE+ structures will extend the life of individual and collective buildings thanks to their modularity. In addition, they can be re-used over and over again in other buildings. They should also allow designers and architects great freedom of expression and can be easily integrated into any type of environment.

In order to demonstrate the energy efficiency and low environmental impact of Wall E+, Solutions Composites has chosen to implement it in the "CompoHouse", an experimental building combining offices and a private dwelling.

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