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Featherweight packaging: Albéa's EcoFusion Top

Packaging manufacturer Albéa has developed a new solution, the EcoFusion Top, to close its tubes and also reduce their overall weight.
Featherweight packaging: Albéa's EcoFusion Top
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Featherweight packaging: Albéa's EcoFusion Top

It replaces the head and cap assembly with a single part, directly attached to the skirt, and thus reduces the weight of the top by more than 80% compared to standard head+cap solutions and the weight of the tube itself by 55% compared to standard tubes.

The tube’s usual appearance is certainly changed but this solution offers a real environmental benefit.

The lightest tube on the market!

By designing a unique single-material opening and closing system, with a novel and incomparable design, Albéa has made EcoFusion Top a first in the beauty market and the latest successful step in its product roadmap.

"Reducing the use of plastic through weight reduction is a top priority on our responsible tubes roadmap," explains Caroline Hughes, Albéa Tubes Marketing Manager. “As a single-component opening and closing system, EcoFusion Top is the most advanced weight reduction solution on the market. In addition, less plastic in the packaging means a smaller carbon footprint and a reduced environmental impact."

Responsible, single-material packaging

Made entirely from high density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure the tube is single-material and recyclable, it is available with different skirt options such as Greenleaf for the laminated tubes and Thin-Wall technology for the extruded tubes.

This innovation is also suitable for the e-commerce market and complies with the Ista-6 standard which tests the ability of the packaging and product to withstand the distribution hazards normally encountered during handling and transportation.

It is Albéa's ambition to make all its packaging recyclable by 2025, a strong commitment made when it signed the Ellen McArthur Foundation's Global Commitment for the New Plastics Economy in October 2018.

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