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Biomass plastics for the new Casio watch

Casio Computer Co, Ltd. has announced the release of its first watch made from biomass plastics derived from renewable organic substances.
Biomass plastics for the new Casio watch
Biomass plastics for the new Casio watch

Sustainable plastics for cutting-edge technology

Called the PRW-61, it is part of the PRO TEK collection designed for nature lovers and hikers. Rather than using conventional plastics to manufacture its components, Casio has opted for biomass plastics produced from materials derived from castor and corn seeds. These plastics are found in the case, case back and strap. As a reminder, biomass is one of the five families of renewable energies, along with solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy and geothermal energy. Of course, the PRW-61 is equipped with a digital compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer and it runs on solar energy, just like the other models in the PRO TEK collection.

When innovation and circularity go hand in hand

Since the beginning of its adventure in 1946, the Japanese brand has always been a pioneer. In 1972, it was the first to create electronic watches, revolutionising the watchmaking landscape. Ten years later, in 1982, it launched the first watches featuring a combined analogue and digital display, and in 1999 it invented the world's first GPS watch. A few years later, it introduced the first solar-powered radio-controlled watch.

As part of its sustainable development goals, Casio is pursuing a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives. Today, when designing its new models, the company combines all the technological prowess that has made its reputation with materials that help reduce the company’s environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

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