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Joago, the watch riding the sustainable wave

The story of Joago begins with 2 friends who went surfing in Bali in 2018 and discovered white sandy beaches littered with rubbish and crystal-clear waters overflowing with plastic waste.
Joago, the watch riding the sustainable wave
Joago, the watch riding the sustainable wave

Upon returning home, the two surfing enthusiasts were left with only one desire: to do something to save the oceans they love so much.

To do this, Pablo Garat and Jose Ruiz first organised waste collection efforts on beaches in Bali, Mexico and Senegal, but quickly came to the following conclusion: why not collect this ocean waste and use its potential to give it a second life, by transforming it into valuable objects?

High-quality eco-responsible watches

This is how Soleos, Eos and Terra were born. They are 3 elegant watch models designed in a sustainable way from marine plastic waste, recycled stainless steel and Pinatex, a material made from the fibres of pineapple leaves that were to be discarded.

Made from waste and recycled materials, the Joago watches are nonetheless high-quality technical products that run on solar energy and are water-resistant - depending on the model - to a depth of up to 100 metres. And this is precisely one of Pablo and Luis' goals: to prove that it is possible to manufacture high-quality, sustainable and even luxurious products from waste and recycled materials.

Joago's other objective is the creation of a non-profit organisation in Dakar, Senegal, financed by a crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter on 23 November: the money raised will be used to fund efforts to collect and recycle marine plastic waste - which will then be used to make watches - and to raise coral reefs in order to rebuild marine ecosystems.

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