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Evvo, the snowshoe reinvented

For those who love hiking, nature and snowy landscapes, there is nothing better than a pair of snowshoes to help you get away from it all.
Evvo, the snowshoe reinvented
Evvo, the snowshoe reinvented

The ideal way to discover the mountains from a different angle, and to move off the beaten track while enjoying a simple physical activity.

In order to make this booming activity accessible to more people, Martin Plastiques Innovation, a small French company, developed the “Evvo snowshoe”, an alternative to the traditional snowshoe, which makes it possible to walk on all types of terrain while providing the comfort of a classic boot.

However, unlike the traditional snowshoe which is attached to the boot, the Evvo is slipped on like a slipper, a rather special slipper equipped with a curved and flexible monobloc sole with integrated crampons that will prevent slipping, and adapt to all terrains.

Flexible and lightweight materials for maximum comfort

If this 100% rubber sole looks like a tyre, it's not entirely by chance... Developed in partnership with Michelin, it is inspired by the geometric architecture of the company’s snow and ice tyres and a technology that gives it all-terrain grip and outstanding durability. It also provides perfect insulation against the cold.

The ergonomic sole which can be fitted onto all types of footwear was designed using Matryx technology, a weave composed of high-strength synthetic threads (Polyamide or Polyester) coated with polyurethane and technical threads (Aramid fibre, carbon).  In addition to excellent foot support, this patented weave is ultra-lightweight and resistant, repels water perfectly and is breathable.

An all-terrain snowshoe

By adapting to the morphology of the foot, the Evvo snowshoe will allow you to adopt a very natural, fluid and supple gait on the snow, without slipping or sliding. It is even be possible to run in the snowshoe during a more demanding outing. Another important advantage is that it is suited for all types of terrain: moving from snow to stony ground or asphalt roads is no longer a problem.

Last but not least for snowshoe enthusiasts: with the Evvo snowshoe, the unpleasant squealing caused by the steel crampons digging into the snow that used to be part and parcel of any outing in the silence of the mountain is now a thing of the past, and that is really good news!

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