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Popsicase, the phone case made from used fishing nets

A popular, useful and essential accessory; everyone has a phone case!
Popsicase, the phone case made from used fishing nets
Popsicase, the phone case made from used fishing nets

A large-scale consumer item, the purpose of the phone case is to extend the life of smartphones, but it is discarded at least as quickly as the object it is intended to protect, i.e. after 22 months on average!

Yet, phone cases are not chosen at random. They protect mobiles from shocks but must at the same time be beautiful, stylish and original.

If you are going to use an object with a limited lifespan, you might as well do it in an ecological way and select, from the infinite possibilities available to us, an eco-responsible case!

Converting used fishing nets into a durable and high-quality phone case

This is the approach developed by a couple from Barcelona, who in 2018 began producing protective cases not quite like any other: fitted with a handle, Popsicase is the first protective case to be made entirely from used fishing nets recovered in the Mediterranean.

Thanks to a programme called Net Viva Mediterrànea, of which Popsicase is a part, along with EcoAlf and Sea2See, both of which we have already devoted articles to, Spanish fishermen can deposit used nets in large collection bins made available in 17 ports along the Mediterranean coast. These old nets are then cut, cleaned, sorted and processed, and finally transformed into a 100% recycled plastic material. They will then live a second life in the form of telephone case.

The grip handle, which is the Popsicase’s second unique feature, is made from aluminium scrap from cans, handlebars and bicycle wheels etc... from all over Europe.

A model of a circular economy

The protective cases are also certified “Cradle to Cradle”. Rather than throwing them away, it is possible to return the Popsicases to the company of the same name: using its "Popcycling" process, it will dismantle them, crush them, and mix them with new recovered fishing nets to give birth to a collection of new cases with original and colourful designs, all without generating the slightest waste! 

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